For the wild

diggga was born from tha desire for independency and untamed freedom.

We don´t want to be limited in anything. We feel home in tha streetz, waves, parks or by doing freerides in the mountain backlands. This lifestyle of everyday riding, roadtrips with tha best crew, jumping into the waves, powdern when there are mountains reachable makes the difference now. In the end all cultures depend together. They have one source, one spirit, one commitment – to live now, being present and keep moving. It´s nothing that you have to work for, nothing that waits at tha end of the rainbow, if you don´t do it now you will miss it.

Grab your board, take a breath and awake. Feel your body, tha movement, tha fresh wind and be aware of tha moment. Take it eazy. You already made it. You are living the dream, so keep your face in tha sun and never stop moving.

Stefan Heißenberg

Creative Calling

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